Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Tonight (Super Tuesday), at the risk of being instantaneously divorced, I timidly admitted to Big A that despite the biblical imagery and craptacular agenda, I found Mike Huckabee “very likeable.” This was the very first time I actually *saw* him speak. I’ve read about him and continue to disagree with many of his opinions--but there it is: I saw him; he looked human; ergo, I like him. To me, he seems like an underdog, a reasonable person, resembles my friend Kevin, has a charming cheekbone dimple. Of course I don’t want Huckabee to be the next U.S. president--but some mushy part of my brain roots for him anyway.

I think of this inability to dislike as a key failure--it interferes with my aesthetic as well as ethical judgment. And then… then I let people who depend on my judgment--for their next read, for their safety, for the integrity of their next deadline--I let them down... Because I am incapable of vetting people correctly. Because the philosophy geek in me can argue either side of every problem, but my decisions bend to emotion.


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