Sunday, February 04, 2007

Once Upon a Time

Li’l A: So… Dad’s working tonight?

Me: Umm-hmm

Li’l A: So… can I sleepover in your bed?

Me: Nooooo!!!!

Li’l A: But why?!!!!

Me: Your stuffed animals stink!

Li’l A: I’ll sleep on Dad’s side.

Me: Oh. Ok, then.

12 hours later.

Big A: Will someone tell me why the pillows smell like goat?



Ganesh said...

a friend told me this one:

he and his wife have been trying to get their son to sleep in his room. the son comes in one night and asks if he can sleep with them. the parents say no. he, undaunted, asks again, and once again the parents refuse.

he then looks at them and says,"mommy, daddy, you need to learn to share!"

maya said...


That was priceless!

(still laughing)

Anonymous said...

Awww how cute. My best friend's son is 4 and going thru 'jealous' stages with his father. He recently challenged his father to a duel (I'm not making this up) to see who would win sleeping in bed with mom!! Yes very Freudian!

Bengali Chick said...

That was very funny... especially the pillows smelling like goat.

maya said...

JOAT and BC,

hehe. I know. Those two make me so happy that i frequently forget to worry about the state of the world...

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