Friday, January 05, 2007

On How I’m bringing up an LOTR geek

They’ve changed the color of the casing on Li’l A’s Albuterol inhaler from grey to white. His eyes light up and he goes, “That’s like when Gandalf the Grey became Gandalf the White.”

My jitters about being late for school melt into a happy drippy puddle of pride.

YaY!” I say.


[Incidentally, not that I’m jealous or anything, but i'm that girl who spent much of her early teen years in an LOTR haze, running around declaiming my mock up of Eowyn’s lines:
“No man am I; Eowyn of Rohan am I.
Now weep Nazgul and DIE.”
But it's Li’l A who gets to experience LOTR in a whole new dimension via his Gameboy. It Sucks. I'll tell you that much.]



Anonymous said...

Good for te little one.

So you wanted the villain to WEEP before he dies, eh? You were one vengeful tyke. :))

Ganesh said...

the lines you quote, albeit truncated for the movie, are some of the most dramatic lines the trilogy!

li'l A sounds adorable!

maya said...

R.C., Ganesh--

It's true, Li'l A is totally delicious :).

And although i may seem like a dainty thing now, as a kid, i was always being cautioned for "playing too rough" --whatever that means.

And Ganesh, i love that moment too! And though those lines certainly aren't from the book, they aren't from the movie. It was merely my own chant with a bit of Shelley's Ozymandias--a poem i used to admire greatly in those days--for effect.

Peter Jackson, it goes without saying, is a genius. That extrapolated moment when Aragorn says to the Hobbits: You, my friends, bow to no one
was brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Arrey, who on-ned the lights?!


Just kidding, Zamz, I do like the redesign. I like redesigns as a rule; keeps things lively.

LOTR, not so much.


maya said...

*lobs ent-dung @ Teju*

Although two things save Teju from careful aim--one, his overwhelming writerly talent; and two, his gratifyingly consistent use of "Zamz."

Sorry, i had to turn the lights off again, turns out that vampires do better in the dark.

Unknown said...

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