Saturday, July 08, 2006

Context, Context, Context!

I was wading through a bunch of articles about the exceptional life and appalling death of Denice Denton (thanks, Martha) when I came across this headline:
"The tragic death of Denice Denton (pictured), the openly lesbian chancellor of University of California, Santa Cruz..."
and i stopped reading and started to bristle until I noticed that it had been published in The Advocate, the award-winning LGBT magazine, and realized that far from reaping scandal-power, Denton's lesbianism was being used as a mantra for empowerment. I guess the three most important factors in reading are context, context, and context.

A quick moment to acknowledge Denice Denton who when she wasn’t racking up academic accomplishments or helping the cause of women in science, took on everyone from Larry Summers to the Department of Defense.

I wish I’d heard about her while she was still alive.

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